Special - Subject: Found, Episode 2

November 6, 2016

A special episode for survivors of the apocalypse, the 2nd episode of my newest audio drama, Subject: Found. Season 1 is a paranormal investigation story. Enjoy!

The investigation continues as Jared heads to Mt. Rainier to speak with a park ranger who has mysterious reports he wants Jared to see. There is also a secret the ranger has been hiding.

Join us in episode 3 as Jared wraps up his visit at Mt Rainier with Andrew and then responds to a sighting in Forks, WA. We will also look into the etymology and zoology of Sasquatch.

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Until next episode remember, all that is lost must be found.

Jared Strong: John McClain (jmacvo.com and dogandponystudios.net)
Andrew Porter: David Curry (This Atheist Life YouTube channel & www.atheistapocalypse.com)
Written and edited by: Paul Sating
Produced by: Brian Bristol

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