Ssn 3 - 6 - You’ve Been Googled

October 23, 2016
Our most controversial episode ever!  Don't believe me?  Oh yeah?   The news station talks about the gender reassignment controversy raging across the Tri-Counties, the MGE takes control of Google ... so how's that?  Convinced yet?

... oh yeah, and an important character who has been with us since the very beginning dies.
Sorry, we forgot to mention that.

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Paul Sating – Executive Director, Writer,Editor
Brian Bristol – Executive Producer, VoiceActor, Editor, Writer
Dan Cocolla – Editor, Writer, Voice Actor(Jake)
StevenBateman – Writer, Editor, Voice Actor (Edwin)
JayCrofutt – Writer, Voice Actor (Rick)
HeatherAuden – Voice Actor (Beatrice)
JeffVenousos – Voice Actor (Tyler)
JenCrofutt – Voice Actor (Sarah)
Steve Hayes – Voice Actor (Dr. Derrick)
Dave Curry – Voice Actor (Willie)
Sharon Bush – Voice Actor (Angelique)
Maddie Sating – Voice Actor (Nellie)
Keniche Ohme – Music
Simon Croft -- Music

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