Ssn 3-10 - Seasons Splinters

December 18, 2016
The season finale of season finales! Families in the Tri-Counties start falling apart. A.S.S. splinters the Tri-Counties, partisan politics destroys families and more!
Be sure to listen beyond Jake's monologue for a season tryst, er, TWIST, we totally meant "twist," that will set up a new story as we head into season 4.
Patrons will hear from us again in January when we release the Patron special. This season that special will be released only to them AND it'll give a hint about the upcoming Atheist Apocalypse book. If you enjoy this show please consider becoming a Patron. This creation takes a lot of time, effort and money to create. We don't clog it with commercials so please help us cut our costs by becoming a Patron:
Season 4 writing is done and we are currently in the editing phase through the end of the year. In the beginning of the year we will begin recording season 4 and then getting it cleaned up and produced, for your release. It will be the biggest season ever and the Tri-Counties will never be the same once it's done.
Thank you for your wonderful and kind support. We couldn't do this without you!
There will be special episodes coming out in the off-season, so stay subscribed to this feed to enjoy them until the next season comes out.
Until you hear from us again, please have a safe, fun, love-filled holiday season and start to 2017.
Your Atheist Apocalypse Staff
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Paul Sating – Executive Director, Writer, Editor
Brian Bristol – Executive Producer, Voice Actor, Editor, Writer
Dan Cocolla – Editor, Writer, Voice Actor (Jake)
Steven Bateman – Writer, Editor, Voice Actor (Edwin)
Heather Auden – Voice Actor (Beatrice)
Jen Crofutt – Voice Actor (Sarah)
Steve Hayes – Voice Actor (Dr. Derrick)
Dave Curry – Voice Actor (Willie)
Sharon Bush – Voice Actor (Angelique)
Keniche Ohme – Music
Simon Croft -- Music

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